BEST LIVE Video Streaming Softwares

Let’s cut straight to the chase, WHY use a software to go LIVE instead of your phone?

Because instead of just being a talking head in a video you can do powerpoint presentations, share your desktop, play pre-recorded video clips, show images, use cool animated call-to-actons and even have show a countdown to a launch or end of a sale.

Plus you get to use your web camera and your high quality USB microphone

I would normally use vMix or Manycam, Xsplit is my 3rd option. The other options are great too but I believe it comes down to your comfort level and what your needs are.

In this article I talk a lot about “Video Sources”, basically they are the difference types of videos you can send to your LIVE stream

Example of video sources:

  1. Your web camera
  2. Screen Capture
  3. Powerpoint
  4. Pre-recorded Videos
  5. images
  6. Animated call-to-actions
  7. Logo animation



Manycam is virutal camera, meaning it’s not like most of the other options on this list whereas those softwares were designed to process video and then send that signal out as a LIVE stream.

Manycam works differently, basically Facebook will read the software as a camera (meaning, the software is pretending to be a web camera), from there you can configure the software to display whatever you want it to display, like video clips and images, and of course, your actual physical web camera.

One of the biggest pluses is that you can read the LIVE comments without needing to open an extra browser window.

  • OS: Windows & Mac
  • Platform: FacebookLIVE
  • FB Locations: Pages, Groups, Profiles and Events
  • Allows Screen capture: Yes
  • Price: Starting at $1.99/Monthly (Billed Annually)
  • Free Trial Available With Watermarked (Limited to 2 Video Sources)


Weibsite: Manycam Official Website


OBS is short for ‘Open Broadcast Source”, this is an encoder that processes your video and send the stream directly out.

The beauty behind this software is that it’s POWERFUL and also FREE. It requires a little leg work to set everything up but once you’ve done it then you should be able to get up and running rather quickly once you’re familiar with it.

Most non-technical people complain that it’s not easy to use, one of the big issue is that you can’t hear the audio that’s being played inside of the software, you need to first output the stream to facebook, open the FacebookLIVE preview window before going LIVE and listen for the audio to check if everything is fine with your audio, and more than likely they’ll be a delay in the audio, so prepare for that.

To broadcast to FacebookLIVE you would need to access Facebook’s LIVE Stream configuration page that’ll allow you to choose where on Facebook you want to stream.

Like most encoders, you’ll have to open a browser window with your LIVE video as it’s happening to read the LIVE comments.

  • OS: Windows & Mac
  • Platform: FacebookLIVE & Periscope
  • FB Locations: Pages, Groups, Profiles and Events
  • Allows Screen capture: Yes
  • Price: Free For Life

Website: OBS Official Website

Ecamm Live

A super slick software that’s only available for mac, the comments and reaction from the FacebookLIVE videos are show on the screen while you’re LIVE.

At the moment you can’t write a description for when you go LIVE, only a video title, but you can always edit the LIVE post while you’re LIVE. Not a big-ish deal

I don’t have much experience with this software since my cat threw down my Mac and I haven’t replaced it as yet.

But from what I am seeing it’s almost effortless to get up and running.

  • OS: Mac ONLY
  • Platform: FacebookLIVE ONLY
  • FB Locations: Pages, Profiles (Groups NOT Currently Available)
  • Allows Screen capture: Yes
  • Price: $29.95 (one time fee)
  • Free Trial Available

Website: Ecamm Live Official Website

Xsplit Broadcaster (Not Xsplit’s Gamecaster)

Xsplit is known in the gaming community as one of the best encoders for streaming LIVE game play to site like Twitch (along side OBS).

It’s beyond powerful but also requires quite a bit tech knowledge to keep up with it’s power. You can use this software to stream to Facebook, Youtube and periscope as well but currently Periscope’s servers are flaky and doesn’t react well. Which is why the work around to stream to Periscope is to first stream to restream.oi (a re-stream website, description below) and then set that to auto-stream to periscope.

From my experience, Xsplit is much click here easier to get up and running when you’re ready to broadcast to FacebookLIVE because you can configure everything within Xsplit without needing to go to Facebook. One Click and you’re LIVE inside of Facebook!

The FREE version of this software will more than do for a normal entrepreneur, unlike most software that’s limited to video sources, xsplit is limited to 4 stages which allows you to have unlimited amount of video sources in each stages but you can only switch back and forth between those four stages. If you’re gonna be using Xsplit, 4 stages will be MORE than enough!

Just like OBS you’ll have to open a browser window with the LIVE video broadcast to read the LIVE comments.

  • Platform: Windows ONLY
  • Platform: FacebookLIVE and Periscope
  • Allows Screen capture: Yes
  • Price: Starting 3 Month License for $24.95 ($8.32/mth) or $199 for Life
  • Free Option For Life Available with 4 Unlimited Videos stages but Limited to 4 Scenes and NO Watermark (not trial)

Website: Xsplit Broadcast Official Website


This is by far my favorite software, it’s like a full blown broadcasting company is one light weight and powerful software. It uses way LESS memory than OBS and Xsplit. I believe slower laptops will have no problem running vMix.

One of the super coolest feature is the dedicated call-in feature where guest can go to a dedicated vMix website and do a video call from their laptop, tablet or smartphone and you’ll be able to add that to your LIVE video in just two clicks. Skype or Zoom is irrelevant compared to this feature!

You can also parallel stream your LIVE videos up to 3 different places at the same time.

It has the ability to act like a Virutal Camera (like ManyCam) but I can’t seem to make it work on my computer at the moment. Tho, I didn’t really try to make it work nor wasn’t I planning on using it like that! haha!

SUPER COOLEST FEATURE is that you can control your transitions and what you want to show on-screen with YOUR SMARTPHONE!!

BIGGEST PLUS this is the only software that EFFORTLESSLY allows you to stream to Periscope without a hitch! The only downside is that it does not support portrait mode, so you’ll be broadcasting landscape like a PRO studio.

  • OS: Windows ONLY
  • Platform: FacebookLIVE & Periscope
  • FB Locations: Pages, Profiles, Groups & Events
  • Allows Screen capture: Yes
  • Price: Starting at $60 (one time fee)
  • Free Trial available for 2 FULL months, you get access to the FULL software without limitations, or
  • Free Option For Life Available limited to 4 video Sources and NO Watermark (not trial)

Website: vMix Official Website

This is one of the new options that allows you to go LIVE from within your browser, instead of a downloadable software that you need to install.

Because it’s a web based solution you’ll need to upload all of your content if you want to display them like your logo intro and animated call to action.

You’ll also need to open a browser window with your LIVE stream to read the comments.

This website is new and they have done an excellent job so far, I believe in a few months they might be able to be on Par with downloadable softwares like vMix.

But I can also guess that it’ll be a decently monthly priced service but if it get’s the job done without a hassle, why not? We’ll have to wait and see but for now, if you don’t want to download an software, then this is a super cool and light weight option.

  • OS: Mac & Windows
  • Platform: FacebookLIVE ONLY
  • FB Locations: Pages, Profiles & Groups
  • Allows Screen capture: Yes
  • Price: Free

Website: Official Website


This is a website that helps you to take one LIVE Stream and then RE-stream it to multiple platforms (Example: Periscope, youtube, Twitch) however if you want to stream to Facebook, you’ll need to purchase their “Custom RTMP” option for $14.99 a month because they don’t natively support FacebookLIVE and you will have to manually set up to stream to Facebook.

You won’t being using this website to go LIVE from but instead use it to send your broadcast to different places. Hence, me calling it an “accessory” haha!

Website: Official Website

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