How to deal with HATERS and TROLLS

This clip was extracted from my FULL Interview I did with Shanti talking about how she sold out her entire course using ONLY FacebookLIVE without a funnel, email list or a freebie.

Shanti says thinking about haters as “secret lovers” allows her to shift the way she’s perceiving people with negative energy. And you know what? IT WORKS!

This is one of the many ways we can HACK our emotions┬áto become detach from what someone says to us. So when someone says something hateful, you can simply go “aww, you secrely love me” with all the love in your own heart and then block them.

One of my BIGGEST advice I love to share is that “even jesus had haters”.

Now, I must admit I’m not the most religious person but even I can appreciate click here that no matter how good you are, you’ll still attract haters.

Heck, people don’t even have to know you and they’ll hate you just for breathing.

Remember, even Hitler had/have admirers.

My point is, no matter how good you are or how evil you are, no one can be absolutely loved every single person on earth.

But your purpose isn’t to impress the haters, your purpose is to help the people who need your help the most!


See all haters and trolls as people who secretly love you but are acting out in a negative way, then block them. All you need to do from there is simply focus on the people who you want to help and the people who love you.

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