Getting Sales From LESS Than a 100 Viewers on FacebookLIVE

The clip featured in this video is a snippet from my FULL Interview I did with Nannatte Minley (click here to watch it) where we talked about how she was able to make an EXTRA $3,500 in her First Month using FacebookLIVE. This is apart from the sales she made from her list, running ads, etc.

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One of the biggest myths is that you need a large viewership on your live videos to make a profit, but that is not remotely close to the reality.

The fact is you can make sales with less than an average of 100 views on your FacebookLIVE videos.

Almost all of the entrepreneurs that I’ve interviewed have echoed this same sentiment, they’ve all made sales from FaceboookLIVE videos that haven’t really broken the 100 viewership mark.

You got to understand this! When you’re running image ads and you get a 1,000 views, you’re calculating that 1 or 2 percentage of that will convert into paying customers. but with FacebookLIVE, it’s NOT like that!

Because if you get ONLY a 100 views on your FacebookLIVE videos, that’s a 100 people who watched your video, this is the difference!

This is like standing in a crowded room of a click here underline;">100 people and talking to them all at the same time!

Now I’m not saying less is better, I’m simply saying that you don’t need viral videos.

And as Nanette had mentioned in the video above, you don’t need to pitch big coaching packages for thousands of dollars to make a profit , simple $27 workbooks can sell as well.

In fact, these lower end products are great for testing and understanding your audience, and it’s a great way to get high quality leads.

I’m sure we all have a few ideas we can turn into lower end products that we can start promoting to our audience during our FacebookLIVE videos.


It’s easy to sell using FacebookLIVE with a small audience especially when you’re live streaming to an audience who are familiar with you.

It’s absolutely normal to have about 10 or less viewers watching you while you’re live on FacebookLIVE.

MOST of the viewers would usually watch the replay of your FacebookLIVE and leave comments, Shares and ‘Likes’ on those videos.

So if you have a small viewership of less than 10 people while you doing your FacebookLIVE or even if no one is watching, just keep on going! Know that many people are making a profit from a super small viewership on their FacebookLIVE videos..

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