SOF03: Busy Mompreneur of 7 Made 15K on FacebookLIVE

it’s certainly not easy raising only one child, which is why you need to hear the story of Stacee Magee and her adventures of balancing a family of 7 and how she was still able to connect to her audience on FacbeookLIVE and make sales.

One of the MOST COMMON recurring theme I tend to hear from entrepreneurs who are parents is the desire to get things done, they are almost always running on limited time because their kid can come in and distract them, they need to get everything done as soon as they can.

Stacee Magee talks about how she schedules when she’s going to get work done which is planned around her 7 kid’s activities and if push comes to shove, she’ll even do click here her FacebookLIVE in her van when she’s waiting outside of her practice to pick them up.

And this is one of THE MOST POWERFUL ability of FacebookLIVE I always try to emphasize! FacebookLIVE is the ultimate ‘Divine Tool’ for building rapport in such an incredibly short time.

You can literally take 10 minutes out of your day to stream a FacebookLIVE and it will allow you to build a deeper rapport with your audience in that 10 minutes than sitting down for 4 hours to write a blog post.

This is Stacee Magee’s story!



Stacee Magee

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