SOF02: $3,500 In Sales From FacebookLIVE (In Her First Month)

I am OVERLY excited to be welcoming Nannette Minley to my Selling On FacebookLIVE show. We’re switching gears this week and we’re learning how Nannette has been successful in selling lower ticket offers between the $27 to $197 range in her FacebookLIVE videos to get potential higher-ticket clients into her funnel.

She can then upsell high price packages like coaching to those who bought-in at a those lower prices. It’s a brilliant strategy!

Remember, the show is focused on sales coming from FacebookLIVE which means Nannette scores bigger (indirect) sales as results from clients who first bought her lower priced products, this is just the tip of the iceburg!

One of the MOST brilliant thing that happens when you’re on FacebookLIVE is that your audience start to get a gripping feeling that they “FEEL LIKE THEY KNOW YOU”.

This is one of the reoccurring key phrase entrepreneurs are starting to hear more often because FacebookLIVE has this unique magical property click here of making your audience connect to you on a deeper rapport level.

It instantly drives up that KNOW, LIKE & TRUST factor that all entrepreneurs are hungrily hunting online.

Nannette and I talk about this in-depth and you’ll definitely want to hear me explain the actual psychology behind this beautiful phenomenon.

If ONLY more entrepreneurs understand the POWER of FacebookLIVE to breakdown walls that slows down rapport building, they would be ALL over FacebookLIVE with a strategy.

Be sure to check out Nannette Minley’s Facebook and watch some of her FacebookLIVE videos, she is truly one of the most inspiring entrepreneurs I’ve connected with this year. And I know, you will be inspired by her as well!


Nannette Minley sharing her FacebookLIVE Experience

Nannette Minley

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