SOF01: Shanti SOLD-OUT Her Entire Course Using ONLY FacebookLIVE

In my first interview for my new show ‘Selling On FacebookLIVE’, I’m honored to welcome one of the MOST amazing people I’ve ever met online, Shanti Zimmermann.

She was gracious enough to join me to talk about how she was able to sold-out her course (at a $1,800 price point) by ONLY utilizing FacebookLIVE. She does not use a Freebie to capture emails to do email marketing nor does she have a funnel in place.

We talked about some serious problems that plague entrepreneurs when we’re on FacebookLIVE while we’re trying to build rapport with our audiences, and how we can handle those moments.

One of the greatest pieces of advice Shanti shared is how she deals with Haters and Trolls, she has this unique way of click here shifting her perspective from seeing that person as negative force (who leaves nasty comments) to seeing that person as someone who is secretly in-love with her.

And I know if you’re reading this out of context it sounds weird as heck, BUT IT WORKS!

By doing this, it allows her brain to relax and brush it aside because when someone is secretly in-love with you, they are going to be spending an excessive amount of energy to get your attention, just like what haters and trolls do. Get it? 😉


Shanti Zimmermann

You can visit Shanti at her website:

And you can watch all of her FacebookLIVE videos here: Shanti’s FacebookLIVE Videos

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