Here’s Why YOU ARE NERVOUS When You’re Pitching (Your Product or Service)

Do you find yourself NERVOUS when you’re pitching your product or service?

Even though YOU KNOW your product is amazing and it will give your potential customers the best outcome for their buck.

First Kermit is the logical thought and Darth Kermit is the subconscious thought



I’ll tell you what, the simplest explanation of this problem is that you had created an EXPECTATION in your mind similar to falling in love with a celebrity or someone you fancy

And I’m NOT kidding!

But first, before this any of this makes sense, we have to understand how we develop emotions and attachment NOT ONLY for people but also for things



When we (as humans) fantasize about someone, we start to imagine ourselves talking to that person, listening and laughing, touching and smiling with that person

All of this is happening in our heads

And ALL OF THE ABOVE are a natural part of life, but here’s the problem

This process CREATES an emotional connection to that person (even though we might not exist to that person)

And since our emotions CAN’T distinguish the difference between reality and imagination (FACT)

Our emotions WILL ACCEPT this imaginary fantasy (romanticization) as being real

And thus, you will develop emotions for that person

Falling in Love



If you meet that person, your emotions would go crazy!

Because your emotions accepted that imaginary romanticization as real, now your emotions has an expectation for click here that person to reciprocate the emotions you are feeling

And because that person doesn’t know you exist or feel the same way that you do

They will reject you (of course), and this hurts your emotions

Rejection is one the worst kind of emotional pains we can experience




It’s applies because WE ALWAYS FANTASIZE about making sales and seeing money in our bank accounts

When this happens, WE CREATE AN EMOTIONAL CONNECTION to the outcome of the situation

Meaning, now your emotions are tied to whether or not you make a sale

NOW you have an EXPECTATION to have things go your way



Even though you know your product/service is probably the best thing out there, it doesn’t matter in comparison to how you feel when you are pitching.

And since your emotion knows that the person(s) who you are pitching your product/service could reject your sales offer, you will become nervous because any possible rejection will hurt your emotions!

And all of this happens because of the expectation you created!



When you are in a position where your future, hopes and dreams rests on the outcome of a sale, YOU WILL INADVERTENTLY start to develop an attachment to that sale because you are constantly fantasizing about that it.

TRY TO LIMIT your imagination in such a scenario.

If you know your product/service is amazing, then reaffirm to yourself that you all you need to do is show up without expectations

The Root of All Heartbreaks and Nervousness Is Expectation 

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