The “1 Second” Attention Grabbing Technique

Grab ‘Em By Their Attention, NOT By Their Pu**y You ONLY need 1 second to make a good first impression and you only 1 second to get someone’s attention  so they can focus on what you’re about to say next. Because if they are off somewhere else in their mind then they ARE NOT gonna be […]

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How to Download Your FacebookLIVE Videos (to Upload to Youtube)

If you have ever been stuck trying to figure out how to download your FacebookLIVE videos in order to upload them to Youtube to double your exposure. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Keep in mind, that for each of the 3 different places on Facebook (i.e Pages, Profiles and Groups) the method of downloading […]

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“Fake it Until You Make it” isn’t Fooling Anyone!

We’ve all heard the “fake it until you make it” encouragement talk, which I think it should be rephrased to, “fake it until no one anymore notices that you’re faking”. Because, at that point your audience would have come to the conclusion and accept that superficiality is just a part of your personality. Nothing healthy […]

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It’s Natural to Feel Stupid on Camera

The crazy thing is that talking to a camera makes you feel like a crazy person AND THAT’S NORMAL! Because you’re alone in a room talking and smiling to an “emotionless hole in a black box” and somewhere deep down in your soul you feel as though you’re pretending to be someone you’re not hoping that this performance will […]

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“Practice Makes Perfect” is Perfectly Dumb

Yeah I said it! You might not have liked me saying it but I said it! Practice makes perfect is perfectly dumb if most of the time you’re practicing the wrong thing. Now that brings up the question, am I practicing the right thing?

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