How To Build an IDEAL Audience for Your Facebook Fan Page For Cheap

This is technique will help you to build a fan page filled with highly targeted ideal clients/customers for cheap. 

Well, cheap compared to Facebook’s NORMAL outlandish ad pricing.

Facebook as a feature where you can “Invite” people to LIKE your fan page but however, how can you invite people you’re not friends with? I mean if your friends are you only people you want to target then just connect with them on your profile.

But of course, there are always more fishes in the sea, the vast sea of social media that is!

So here’s how we can do it.

Step #1

Make a highly focused post on your Facebook Fan Page, this post needs to be something that resonates with your ideal audience.

The Image Below is a post that I know is highly targeted to my audience (this is a side business where I’m helping Brazilian’s to learn English). I know my audience, they have a hard time differentiating between the prepositions “on” and “in” because they use one word in Portuguese they use one word most of the time, which is “no”.

The post you see below is HIGHLY targeted to Brazilians who are interested in learning English, the kind of people I want to connect with.

And because I know they like to practicing understanding the differences of these little things Native Speakers take for granted, I created a quick image of a quiz and what tends to happen is they will often LIKE or HEART a graphic like this more often than they would Comment. That’s just how it is.

But that’s good! That’s what I want! I want them to LIKE or HEART IT


Step #2

Once people start reacting to your Promoted Facebook Post, all you need to do from there is click on the names of those people LIKING your post to bring up the tab to display their names, and Facebook itself click here presents you with an option to invite those people to LIKE your page.

And as you can see from the image below, people will LIKE your page (highlighted in red), NOT all of them but a lot!

But also give it time, some people don’t log on to Facebook daily and often I see people will be accepting my invite days and weeks after my invite.



#1 – Don’t wait until you’ve finished running your promoted post to invite those people to LIKE your page, I would regularly do this, maybe every few minutes to every few hours (depending on if I have free time). Because inviting someone who just interacted with your post means that your page’s existence is still fresh in their minds.

#2 – Don’t only make one post, make many posts over time. But if you find some posts effortless gains more interactions than some, then promote those for a longer time especially if the cost is extra cheap.

#3 – Don’t use this technique for people who ALREADY LIKED your page, this approach is to reach a NEW audience. Of course, you can still promote your normal post to your current audience.


The idea is to use the promoted post (because it’s cheaper) to run ads to FIND OUT who is interested in the things your business is focused on. This means you need to create EXTRA simple posts that people can interact without out thinking much.

Once they’ve shown interest in that post, it means that those people are interested in what your business is about, and that means they are essentially potentially ideal clients/customers.

Then invite those people who interacted with your post to LIKE your Fan Page where you can run future ads that deals with specific products for cheaper to those people who are part of your fan page.


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