Worst On-Camera Advice Ever: “Just Do It”

FACT: Walking on hot coal with your bare feet has a higher pass rate than forcing through the fear of doing video because the fear of being on-camera is an ACTUAL REAL FEAR and not an irrational fear.

Kermit is feeling nervous about being on-camera

Every marketing guru seems to be repeating this timeless advice but if this advice was effective, then why are so many people still suffering from the nervousness and fear of being on-camera?

The short Answer: IT DOESN’T APPLY to being your natural self on-camera

Let Me Explain

When you are talking on-camera, you are actually not talking to the people who are watching your video, in reality, you are talking to yourself while people can see you.

Your brain knows that talking to yourself is an act of being crazy.

Your brain then goes into overdrive in fear that your audience will think you are unsafe to be living in the village.

What village? Well keep in mind, that our brain is not living in this current modern era, it’s living thousands and thousands of years ago back in an age when humans lived in small villages and tribes.

Humans gather together for mutual protection

Our Survival Instinct

In order for you to survival physically, you also need to survival socially because if you were to be cast out, then you would have had to fend for yourself in the wild.

Survival is our strongest instinct, but this is not exclusive to only our physical survival, but also includes our survival socially.

This causes your brain to make you talk in circles, go blank and become nervous when you are on-camera because it is putting you into fight or flight mode, and it wants you to focus on running away.

I know many people who’d prefer to run from zombies than being on-camera

Your brain does not want you to be in a situation where your personal security is being jeopardized.

Your fear of being on-camera is a rational fear, there are real world consequences for committing social suicide.

What’s the Solution?

However, since we are living in the modern era and not 10,000 BC, we don’t need to hunt for food in the supermarkets.

But our brain doesn’t know this and thus, we need to help our brain to understand that we are click here in a safe environment and that no harm will come to us.

And this is where the problem lies, how can someone turn off their strongest instinct?

Because continuously putting ourselves on-camera when we are in a flight or fight mode isn’t going to help since it’ll just make that instinct stronger.

What About Other Successful People?

Now I hear you say, “What about people who push through the fear and are now good on-camera”.

Firstly, consider that there will always be people who are naturally good at something without effort.

Secondly, YOU ONLY HEAR ABOUT THE PEOPLE WHO WERE SUCCEEDED. What about the all the people who failed and are now so scared that they are scarred for life?

For every 1 person who succeeded, there are 10,000 other people who failed, but you’ll never hear about them.

If This Advice Was True

If this brilliant advice of “JUST DO IT” was effective when it comes to being on-camera, then why are people still struggling to feel natural on-camera?

If this advice was true, you won’t be here reading this blog post.

In Summary

Walking on coal is a science, it’s not magic.

The coal walkers wait until the coal is burnt down when there is no flame and when it has already built up a layer of ash to insulate your bare feet from most of the heat.

I’ll let Ron Burgundy tell you what it is

As long as you keep walking, the heat doesn’t not get a chance to burn you.

You have a higher chance of burning your bare feet walking on the asphalt roads of Arizona during the hot summers since there is not insulation.

When you have a fear of being on-camera, DO NOT feel as though there is something wrong with you, instead your brain is working exactly as it should, it is trying to protect you. Be proud of that.

Do not feel like you are lacking something, this is a natural part of life.


This instinct is something we need to nullify, we need to disengaged our survival instinct in this regard.

We need to let our brain know that we are going to be safe on-camera and no harm will come to us.

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