Why Will-Power Can NEVER Change Your On-Camera Fear

You are about to learn some stuff you’ve never heard anywhere before! 


Let’s start with some facts. Fear is an emotion because it’s how we feel about something and Will-power is comes from the logical part of our brain.

I’m glad we’ve cleared that up! haha!

Here is the concept you need to understand!

Your emotions and your logical thinking speak two very different languages! Yes you’ve read that correctly!

Let me explain!

Your logical mind, the part of your brain that you think with, uses the language you speak. I am a native English speaker and I think in English. This is the logical part of my brain, this is the part of my brain I use to think to myself.

But the emotional part of my brain? Well that part doesn’t speak English, it speaks another language.

And that language the emotional part of my brain thinks with… is through my 5 senses. Yes you’ve read that correctly too!

Let’s put that to the test! 

If I ask you to logically deduce 10 minus 3, you will do that calculation in your mind while thinking to yourself. Obviously, that’ll be your logical brain at work.

But if I ask you to think about the person you care the most, how does that memory of that person floods into your awareness?

Perhaps the first thing you recall is a sound of that person saying your name?

Or, a vision of their smile?

Or, the click here smell of their perfume?

Maybe, you remember the touch of their hands touching yours?

Or, maybe, just maybe you remember a taste?


Our emotions run on our Five Senses! That’s it’s language! And our logic/rational brain speaks the language that we think in!


This is WHY it’s impossible to change how we feel by using WILL-POWER 

WILL-POWER is in the rational part of our brain which does NOT speak the same language as our emotions! Thus, There is a language barrier between our logical mind and our emotional mind!


Let’s Now PUT THAT Theory to the test!

Have you ever tried to convince yourself (logically) why you shouldn’t love someone? Did it ever work?

EXACTLY! Of course it has never worked! And it will NEVER work!


This is WHY when you feel fear, nervousness and anxiety when you’re on-camera or when you think about going on-camera, and you try your BEST to logically convince yourself that you shouldn’t feel these irrational feelings and it doesn’t work.



And now you ALSO KNOW WHY it’s hard to get over a heartbreak no matter how many logically points your closest friends preach to you on bar-hoping Friday night!


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