Why We Feel UGLY On-Camera

This is a problem that almost all human beings who has ever seen themselves on-video have had to deal with at some point.

And the kicker of WHY WE FEEL UGLY ON-CAMERA is that even if you are observing a person and you really think that person is very good looking, they themselves might not believe that they are good looking because of their own internal struggle.

I want to examine why we all suffer from this almost inescapable feeling of “NOT FEELING LIKE WE’RE ENOUGH”.

Let’s get right to the problem.

FACT #1: You don’t REALLY know what you Look like

This might sound very weird but the fact is that we don’t actually know every little feature of our faces.

I mean, we do look at ourselves in the mirror but that’s only to make sure our hair, face and make-up look presentable to go out of the house.

We NEVER really take the time to absorb the features on our faces.

And we become acutely aware of this fault when we notice someone looking at us, we start to wonder what the heck are they looking at and if they’ve noticed something odd or weird about us.

In these moments, we feel INCREDIBLY SELF-CONSCIOUS.

Even naturally gorgeous people SUFFER from this problem because it all boils down to the initial problemwe don’t really know what we look like.

And because we are dealing with videos, when we send it out to the world to see, we are essentially sending our faces for other people to observe while we are not there when they see it.

And because WE ARE NOT YET FULL COMFORTABLE with our image, we start to doubt ourselves, we start to criticize ourselves and we start to feel ugly.

Fact #2: We have a different internal image of ourselves

There is a strange thing that happens to us, at click here a certain point in our lives, the image we see as ourselves in our mind stops agingWe stop to becoming older in our mind’s eye.

I know most of my clients and my friends have a different internal images of their physical appearance from the one they see in the mirror.

Everyone is frozen at a different age in their mind, but for me, the internal image I have of myself is of when I was 21.

And for a very long time I was comparing the image myself in the mirror to that un-aged internal image.

And when those two images started to become different, I started to feel older, I STARTED TO FEEL LESS than I was before, I started to live in regret and that my best years were behind me.

Feeling old, not recognizing myself

This is a HUGE problem because physically we’ll always grow and age, but our internal image can remain the same forever.

We need to fix this problem because we need both of those images to match up.

We can’t live our lives disgusted with ourselves because our mind is fixated on the past, WE NEED to update our internal image.

This is how we are going to start loving the person we see in the mirror.


To fix both of these problems, WE CAN START BY actually spending a few minutes everyday looking at yourself in the mirror to become more familiar with our image by observing and absorbing the image of yourself that you see in the mirror.

This is not vanity, this is us just trying to become acquitted with the image that everyone else sees.

We want to make sure the image of ourselves that everyone else is observing is the same exact image that we are familiar with within our own minds.

We can’t start loving ourselves if WE DON’T KNOW who we are on outside as well as the inside.

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