The Science of Why LIVE Videos is the FASTEST at Building Rapport

FUN FACT: Our brains are easily fooled

Here’s what you NEED to know: our reality runs on our Five senses (see, smell, hear, taste and touch). Meaning that’s how we know we’re alive because those 5 senses are constantly being engaged by the world around us.

On the flip side, when we’re dreaming, those 5 senses are being engaged during our slumber, this is why we say things like this in our dreams, “wait a minute, is this a dream? no! this can’t be a dream, it feels too real”.

Because your senses are being engaged while you sleep, that dream now becomes your reality.

The Movie The Matrix (1999) is a basically one BIG dream world where people are plugged into a machine and their 5 senses are being engaged by the computer, which is why they believed that they were living in the real world when they were not.

The Matrix Movie (1999)

And Virtual Reality is a water down version of The Matrix

I’m hoping now you can start to see why Virtual Reality is SO Powerful. Even though you will only be engaging two of your five senses (i.e sight & hear).

And because Virtual Realities uses 3D technology to create depth so you have a very clear idea of how far or close things are to you, your brain starts to think it’s real.

Hence the name ‘virtual REALITY’
And That’s WHY Things Like This Happen

Your mind will believe something exist if you engage your senses, the more senses you engage the “REAL-ER” it becomes.

Virtual Reality only engages 2 of your 5 senses and look how quickly that virtual reality starts to feel real!

LIVE Video Engages 2 Of Your 5 senses

Just like Virtual Reality, LIVE Video engages your sense of sight and hearing but without the 3D depth.

Tho, I am sure in the future they will add 3D depth to LIVE Video especially at the speed at which technology is developing. You can now go to selected sporting events via a Virtual Reality headset!

Now, even though you can’t perceive the 3D depth of the person you are seeing on your screen during the LIVE video, that person starts to become real in your mind.

This is EXACTLY why LIVE Video is more powerful than writing on a blog and talking on the phone.

The LONGER you are watching a LIVE video, the easier it is for your mind to logically forget that you are watching a screen

This is EXACTLY why we as humans, we get emotionally worked up and involved when we’re watching a movie.

A movie is basically flicking colored lights on a wall, but yet millions of people are in love with Leonardo Dicaprio even though they have never actually seen him in real life.

Our brains are easily fooled, be the MASTER of this flaw NOT the victim!

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