The “1 Second” Attention Grabbing Technique

Grab ‘Em By Their Attention,
NOT By Their Pu**y

You ONLY need 1 second to make a good first impression and you only 1 second to get someone’s attention  so they can focus on what you’re about to say next.

Because if they are off somewhere else in their mind then they ARE NOT gonna be following everything you are about to say! That’s a FACT!

The technique in this post outlines an age old approach to get your audience to perk their ears up and for a few seconds, suspend whatever they are thinking and doing, to give you room to speak so they can absorb it.


The technique is to simply add a pause before you speak. That’s it!

It’s so simple but at the same time VERY POWERFUL!, Let Me Explain How It Works and WHY It Works.


When you introduce a pause before you speak, it creates ANTICIPATION , which for a brief moment prepares your audience’s mind for income information.

This pause triggers a natural reaction within all of us, we will suspend what’s passing through our minds at that moment.

This pauses also projects to your audience that you completely understand what you are about to say next, that what you are going to say is NOT a spur of the moment thought that wasn’t properly thought-out. It projects intelligence and understanding.




Disney uses this method of “anticipation” in their animation, in FACT it’s 1 of their 12 “Disney principles of animation”

Look at the animation of The Little Mermaid below, notice how she pulls back before leaning forward to blow the bubbles.

And this is something you might take for granted, you might be thinking oh Ian! that’s how you make animation realistic!

But in reality it isn’t Natural because that amount of anticipation is unnatural with real people.

But with that anticipation, it sets up in our minds what click here she’s about to do next, and we expect it which means it doesn’t shock our systems but instead we wait for it.

The Legendary Walt Disney understood the power of Anticipation to get attention, which is why he hard-coded it into their animation process.


ALL YOU NEED TO DO is to open your mouth as you are about to speak but instead of vocalizing your words immediately as you open your mouth, suspend the audio of your speech for a second, only a second.

It’s just as a simple as that!


ANYTIME you are about to hit a new section in your videos you can apply this technique, or in roughly 15 seconds to 30 seconds intervals. This includes at the starting of your videos.

How often you should use this technique will become apparent as you practice using it often during your videos.


If this all sounds like bullsh*t to you, just try it out in your real life. Walk up to someone and for a brief second pause before you start speaking and notice how they focus-in on what you are about to say.

IN FACT, ask random strangers on the street for the time but do it two difference ways

First Way: Just abruptly tap someone on the shoulder and ask them the time. You’ll notice how they’ll scramble to find their phone or watch after they spent a good second or two puzzled and processing what you just said.

Second Way: Do the exact same time as above but this time, pause for a second and then ask the question. You’ll notice a completely different change in their body language and reaction .

It will work like magic in real life and it also works beautifully in videos as well

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