I Was Scared of Live Video But Then I Made $1k in The First Week

She said to me, “Ian! I signed a $1K client in my first week of doing FacebookLIVE, and the video only had 38 views!”

This is Megan McAvoy’s story of how she went from being scared of doing LIVE videos to comfortably getting on-camera to get in front of her ideal audience and signing the type of clients who’ll sign up for $6k coaching programs.

If you’re reading this type of success story for the first time, it might all sound like bullshit, let’s not deny this sounds too good to be true. So allow me to breakdown and explain how it all works.

There is no magic trick or get rich quick scheme here. It comes down to hard-work, but it’s hard-work done in a strategic manner.

Here’s something that sometimes flies over the heads of most entrepreneurs. FacebookLIVE is FREE and I know it’s crazy to think something so free and so simply could be profitable.

But LIVE video does click here something for you that written only blog content, podcasts or cold calls CANNOT do for you, and that’s RAPID RAPPORT BUILDING.

There is other mass technology in human possession (right now) that’s faster than LIVE video for building Rapport, Likability and Trust in a super short amount of time.

Megan went on to say, “Honestly, FB Live has made me so happy. Everyday, I’m doing what I love; coaching and impacting people. I just wish that I had started sooner.”

This is one of my main passions behind this blog when it comes to LIVE video, I want to entrepreneurs to utilize this technology before it gets old, I want you to pounce on it now as oppose to 2 years down the line when it becomes saturated and harder to stand out from your competition.


I had shared just one of my EMOTION HACKING technique with Megan that allows anyone to naturally become comfortable on-camera and you know what, she took action.

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