It’s Natural to Feel Stupid on Camera

Feeling Awkward

The crazy thing is that talking to a camera makes you feel like a crazy person AND THAT’S NORMAL! Because you’re alone in a room talking and smiling to an “emotionless hole in a black box” and somewhere deep down in your soul you feel as though you’re pretending to be someone you’re not hoping that this performance will somehow convince a stranger living at some far off place in the world, that you’re talking directly to them. But in reality, you’re just feel awkward and weird talking to the camera.

Problem #1: Human Evolution is the Culprit!

Evolution is to Blame

Regardless if you believe in evolution or creationism, it doesn’t really matter because both side of that argument can agree on one thing, that is; at one point in human history we lived in very small tribes where everyone knew each other. And this intimate grouping trained us to speak directly at each other, and over time this started to become hardwired into us. We have a strong need to speak directly to people which is why talking to a camera is so hard, a camera is not a person, it’s just a machine that records your every moment. It’s natural to feel stupid on-camera.

Problem #2: Camera Gives the Cold Shoulder

Real Time Response

Real Time click here Response

When you speak to another person, you can get an immediate feedback or ping from that person if what you are saying is making sense and if they are offended or happy about what you are saying. However that “cold hard light-box” we call  a camera gives no response and that makes it incredibly difficult to talk to because at some point you’re going to feel like a crazy person talking to yourself since there is no one else in the room.

Solution: Imagine Someone

But here’s how you get around that, the quickest to instantly feel more comfortable and allow your natural state of talking to someone come through and project to the camera is to simply imagine you are speaking to someone in the place of the camera. DUH, right? But there’s a little more to it than that.

Projection Technique:

Follow the steps:

  1. Make sure the person you are imagining is someone you are comfortable talking to in real life (this is key).
  2. Imagine that this person is smiling at you and nodding at what you’re saying.
  3. Imagine that they are utterly engaged with what you’re saying.
  4. Imagine that they will not try to interrupt you when you are speaking and they’ve given you permission to speak as much as you want.

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The above points might feel a little “duh, of course Ian!” but these are the small things that tricks your overthinking brain into relax and calm down, allowing your true, natural self to shine through.

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