Has FacebookLIVE Just Replaced Email Marketing?

Everyone and their Grandmother tells you to get an email list of your ideal customers. Nay! They yell at you to get that list! But what’s the use of that list when most of them won’t even open your emails?

I strongly believe that LIVE video can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal to build your business and make sales, if you approach it with a good mindset and a different perspective. And that’s what I am here to offer you, a new perspective of looking at LIVE video.

#1 You Don’t Need To Build A List

The first big problem when it comes to Email Marketing is that you NEED A LIST to market your business. And the fact is, it’s very difficult to get someone to give you their email address so you can write to them. I’m NOT saying it’s impossible but it’s certainly NOT EASY.

Email Marketing has been around since the early 2000’s and people have caught-on to the fact that they are taking a risk in allowing you the possibility of hammering their inbox with at least an email a day.

But let’s say you do managed to build a solid list over 6 months. How many of those people will actually open the emails to read it, and read it fully? And, how many of those will click on the links in those emails?

BUT WITH LIVE VIDEO all you need to do is Go LIVE and people will hop-on to watch. Since the entire idea behind email marketing is to build rapport, which is a much slower process than someone watching ONLY ONE of your videos and instantly being drawn to your energy and feeling like they know you.

You can create a group right now and attract a 100 people over the weekend that you can start going LIVE and talk to, delivery value to that audience while building rapport all within just a few days. Can you realistically build an email list of a 100 people over the weekend?

#2 You ONLY Need 10 Minutes

Crafting a good email for you list can than hour or more to make sure you are making sense in what you’ve written and that it tugs on the right heart string of your audience.

And of course, then you need to proof it. This takes time.

BUT WITH LIVE VIDEO all you need is just 10 minutes for a LIVE video and boom! You’ve instantly connected with your audience, you don’t need an hour or two! You can talk right off the bat and connect with your audience.

What if click here you make a mistake or say a bunch of ‘ums’? Well that’s okay too! the idea behind a LIVE video is NOT to sound like the News Anchor but instead to come off as friend who is having a conversation with their audience. It’s a CONVERSATION!

Obviously, you can be on a LIVE video for more than 10 minutes but you don’t have to be! 10 minutes is more than sufficient to build rapport with your audience and stay relevant!

#3 Replays Are Available Forever!

NO ONE goes back through their email account to read old emails BUT THEY WILL WATCH OLD FacebookLIVE VIDEOS!

In Fact, most of your video views will come from replays!

And Facebook won’t delete your videos but instead leave it up forever so your future audience who haven’t connected with yet can watch it! And when they can comment on those videos, you can start a conversation with them. BOOM! New leads!

#4 You DON’T NEED A Ton Of Views

Here’s something that might shock you, a lot of entrepreneurs have been booking clients and making sales from having less than an average of 50 views per LIVE video!

I’ve recently made a post about Megan McAvoy who made her first $1,000 in her first week doing FacebookLIVE videos and her videos were getting about ONLY 38 views!

It’s not about the large viewership, it’s about putting your videos out there. >> Read More Megan’s Success Story Here

#5 LIVE Video Is LIKE Email Marketing

The entire point of Email Marketing is to connect with your audience and build rapport with them, which is a powerful strategy.

But this concept was solidify into the minds of online entrepreneurs before the rise of FacebookLIVE!

And FacebookLIVE changed the game, you can connect to a larger audience and build extremely solid rapport with your audience in a fraction of the time it would take with email marketing.

Which means you should think of LIVE video in the same way you think of email marketing.

Gather your ideal audience into a group or on a page, and GO LIVE for 10 minutes every day to talk to them and build rapport, because in the email marketing you have to do the exact same thing but with a different medium

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