Why You’re Nervous Talking About The Thing You Love On-Camera

One of the biggest problems we face as entrepreneurs when we’re creating video content is that the nervousness STILL overwhelms us even when we are talking about something that we’re very passionate about and we absolutely love. But, Why is That? Well, the answer is pretty simple once you understand the science of how we process […]

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SOF02: $3,500 In Sales From FacebookLIVE (In Her First Month)

I am OVERLY excited to be welcoming Nannette Minley to my Selling On FacebookLIVE show. We’re switching gears this week and we’re learning how Nannette has been successful in selling lower ticket offers between the $27 to $197 range in her FacebookLIVE videos to get potential higher-ticket clients into her funnel. She can then upsell high […]

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Has FacebookLIVE Just Replaced Email Marketing?

Everyone and their Grandmother tells you to get an email list of your ideal customers. Nay! They yell at you to get that list! But what’s the use of that list when most of them won’t even open your emails? I strongly believe that LIVE video can be the most powerful tool in your arsenal to […]

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