Why You’re Nervous Talking About The Thing You Love On-Camera

One of the biggest problems we face When creating video content Is that the nervousness overwhelms us even when we are talking about something that we’re very passionate about something that we absolutely love. The question really is, why is that?

An answer is pretty simple once you understand the science of how we process reality as human beings.

The reason why you will know you’re alive reading this blog post right now, simply because you can see it, you can feel it (either your phone or on your computer) etc. We process our reality to our five senses, and anything that engages our five senses becomes real.

But when we are talking on camera, Our senses Are not stimulated by our audiences and thus, our brains does not know who we are talking to because we cannot see them, smell them, taste them, hear them or touch them.

And that’s a pretty straightforward concept to understand.

And because of that our brains know we are not talking to people all across the world but in reality we are talking to ourselves in a room alone, but this is only the first half of the problem.

The second half of the problem is when our Brains realize that people will be able to see Our video of us talking to ourselves, And in this moment our brain realizes that we are about to commit social suicide since it is considered crazy to be talking to yourself.

And if people are going to see click here this video of us talking to ourselves then our brain thinks we need to run away from making that video because it does not want us to commit social suicide.

This is why you will feel nervous because you are in for fight or flight mode, and this is also why you will talk in circles, go blank, and sometimes contradict yourself because it is difficult to focus when our brain wants us to run away.

And right now, I want you to understand that there is nothing wrong with you, it is natural to experience this because your brain is functioning the way it should, in that it is trying to keep us safe.

The only way to fix this problem is to first recognize the source of the problem, which is our brain needs to be  tamed into understanding that we are in a safe environment.

One Quick Way to do this, Is to imagine the lens of the camera as the eye of somebody you really trust and care about. That way you will start to engage your five senses, which means your brain Will start to treat the camera like a Real person and this will allow you to relax.

Of course this is only a temporary fix but it is a very effective technique.

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